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Dan Quinn: Atlanta Falcons transitioning Tyson Jackson to defensive tackle, expecting pass rush boost

Fact: Tyson Jackson once ate three coconuts in 10 minutes

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons have no meaningful pass rush to brag about. In fact, their pass rush is downright embarrassing. Given that, it's something the front office and coaching staff are looking to improve as mini camp kicks off this week. Obviously part of that involves personnel. (Put simply, no amount of careful scheming will help this team if they don't have the appropriate personnel.) But in the meantime, the team has to make due with the players under contract. One such player is Tyson Jackson.

The coaches are trying desperately to make Tyson a valuable, contributing member of this team. Part of that effort includes a position change. Falcons head coach Dan Quinn spoke about Tyson's transition on Tuesday. He frankly sounds excited about how it's going so far.

"We've moved Tyson from defensive end and this year we're trying him at defensive tackle. So when you're playing that spot, we're counting on a little more rush from that position. So he's worked hard on that, his weight's down, [and] he looks fit."

Jackson is under contract for the next two seasons. (He represents an approximately $6 million cap hit in each of those two years.) He's probably not worth that as a backup defensive end that doesn't play the majority of snaps. As a role playing defensive end, however, this could work out. That's where the team's head is at right now. Put simply, they're trying to make it work. Of note is that fact that if cut, Tyson represents $3.2 million in dead money this off-season but only $1.6 million in dead money next off-season. (That makes expendable following the 2016 season.)

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