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David Glidden may be a name worth remembering for the Falcons

He was a productive college player, at least.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

David Glidden didn't make the list of undrafted free agents I thought were most likely to make the Falcons, but he's caught the eye of one key player, at the very least.

Glidden was a tryout player who wound up sticking on the 90 man roster, and he'll beat the odds again if he can hang on through the summer. The 5'8", 185 pound receiver was pretty effective for Oklahoma State, with 57 receptions for 866 yards and three touchdowns working primarily out of the slot for the Cowboys. He's got a reputation as an intelligent, speedy receiver with good hands, but he's obviously facing an uphill battle to make this roster, where the top three receivers are already settled, at the very least. If he has been fielding punts at practice, that certainly helps his cause.

Minicamp and training camp are full of stories like these, with undrafted free agents looking good for a short time and then winding up on the street, so you should of course take something like this with a grain of salt. You're unlikely to see more than one or two undrafted free agents make the final roster, and only a handful will hang on for practice squad spots.

Still, if Matt Ryan's impressed with him, he may manage to hang around as a practice squad player, at the very least. The Falcons really only have Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Justin Hardy and Devin Fuller around as long-term options at the moment, so there's room for someone to develop. It might be Glidden.