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It's time for our weekly Facebook Live mailbag

Tune in to our Facebook page now to get answers to all of your questions about Falcons minicamp.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time, folks -- time to visit our Facebook page and tune in for our weekly Facebook Live mailbag. If you have questions about Falcons minicamp, or about the Falcons in general, this is your chance to ask them and get some quality answers.

A few things to note before tuning in: no, the Falcons are not going to go back to the black jerseys. No, I don't know why they won't. Yes, I agree that they are awesome. No, a hot dog is not a sandwich. No, a taco isn't a sandwich, either. No, the Falcons are probably not going to sign Jake Long.

I'll start off by answering the questions that were submitted in the call for questions a couple of days ago, and then I'll take some questions that you all submit in the comments. Come on by and enjoy the show and join in the discussion.