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Dan Quinn will be more involved with the entire team during practice

It's a change for the coach, who spent a ton of time doing defensive line drills in camp last year.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn prides himself (and his staff) on their ability to teach, which is why you so frequently saw him mixing in with pass rushers a year ago. That's sort of his specialty, after all.

This year, though, we're coming into minicamp and Quinn is going to hand the the reins over to defensive coordinator Richard Smith and start mixing in with the entire team, as ESPN's Vaughn McClure reports.

While I like Quinn's hands-on approach to coaching, I don't think it's a bad thing for your head coach to be involved with the entire team during practices, rather than just a single position group. Quinn has built a large, competent coaching staff to help guide this Falcons team to sweet, sweet success, and while you can argue that it enables him to focus on whatever the hell he wants, his ultimate priority is ensuring the Atlanta Falcons are functioning well. It's what's going to keep him in a job, and as a first-time head coach in his second year, it's fair to argue that he's still learning about his entire football team, too.

So hey, nice little move. It's just one of many, many small changes that the Falcons are hoping will mean a more successful 2016.