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Mohamed Sanu is raising money to fight childhood cancer, and you can help

Here's how it works.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons (and NFL players in general) do quite a bit of charitable work, and we probably don't talk about that as often as we should. This is a bit of a cool twist on giving, as new Falcons Mohamed Sanu is teaming up with Moment to raise money for St. Baldrick's Foundation as they invest in childhood cancer research.

As part of that effort, Sanu is going to film a Moment for our site, based on your questions. That means you can ask the man anything (within reason) and we'll select some for Sanu to answer and post the video. Money will go to St. Baldrick's, you'll get Sanu's honest answer to your most pressing questions (again, within reason), and everybody wins. Which, as you know, is pretty rare.

All the proceeds are going to charity, so ask your questions and we'll pick a couple of the best ones for The Falcoholic's Moment. Please donate to St. Baldrick's, if you can.