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Who is the most irreplaceable Falcon on defense?

You really only have two logical choices for the most invaluable Falcon on defense.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Given the dearth of options available to you at the moment, this one should be pretty easy to figure out. Yesterday, we looked at who the most irreplaceable Falcon on offense was, and the consensus seemed to be one of the trio of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, or Devonta Freeman.

On defense, you're more or less down to Vic Beasley (the team’s lone semi-proven pass rusher with star upside), virtual shutdown cornerback Desmond Trufant, or...I guess there’s others, but they’re not really in the same stratosphere as those two. Eventually we may be looking at Keanu Neal, Deion Jones, or even Ricardo Allen or Grady Jarrett in the same light, but none of those players are there just yet.

I'd personally go with Trufant, because he’s already great and gives the front seven a lot of help by effectively taking his receiver off the field for long stretches of the game. Who would be your pick?