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What does a successful gameplan look like for the Falcons in 2016?

Is is success through the air, on the ground, or on defense?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons weren't an overly successful team in 2016, doing only a handful of things well on a regular basis. As we look ahead to the 2016 season, which frankly cannot come soon enough, what does this year's (hopefully) more successful team have to do to succeed?

A year ago, the Falcons were at their best when they ran the ball well, passed the ball to Julio Jones, and got just enough turnovers to pull out victories. This year, I'm hoping they'll be extremely successful running the ball between Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, that the passing attack was will be secondary but quite effective, and that the defense will be able to get stops on a regular basis through aggressive play, solid coverage, and sound tackling. Call me a dreamer if you must. That's more of a guiding philosophy than a gameplan, also, but if the Falcons go into 2016 thinking they can wear teams down on both sides of the ball and actually execute on that, they should be more successful.

Share your best guess with us.