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The Falcons have one roster spot open with minicamp approaching

Just one, mind you.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

There are two noteworthy elements to this Falcons Tweet from earlier this week:

The first is that the Falcons still have an open roster spot to play with. They appear content to leave one open in case a need arises or a decent player becomes available in the near future, which is a fair enough approach. It's worth remembering that Dwight Freeney is still out there and has not yet signed with a team, too, so there's no real harm to waiting when you've got 89 guys milling around on the roster. Better the right guy than just a guy, right?

The second thing to note is that whoever the Falcons pick up to fill that final spot, it will probably not be an offensive lineman. The team currently has 16 guys signed and competing for no more than 10 spots, including a ton of guards to duke it out over one of the weakest positions on offense. That doesn't guarantee the Falcons will wind up with great options on the line, but it at least increases the chances, which is worth something.

Who do you expect the Falcons to sign to fill that 90th spot?