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How is the Raheem Morris to offense going? Per Raheem Morris, pretty great

The longtime defensive coach has essentially moved to offense, and we're all waiting to see whether he's going to succeed there.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Raheem Morris moved to receivers coach and assistant head coach this offseason, a move that (justifiably) raised eyebrows in 2016.

Morris has never lacked for confidence, dating back to his eventually doomed days as the head coach of the Buccaneers, and he was always going to need that confidence to succeed in this new role. While we're going to have to see how the receivers fare in 2016 before we declare this a success, no less an authority than Morris (duh) and Julio Jones believe it's working so far:

The receivers appear to be happy with the change. According to Morris, Julio Jones and Co. have enjoyed hearing about defensive football, and they understand that viewing the game from a different point of view can make a big difference.

"Raheem, he came in, he brings that defensive mindset to the room because he sees things from a defensive perspective," Jones said. "Now he shows us how to attack defenses and what leverages we need to attack."

That was always going to be the advantage of moving Morris to offense. He understands how, in theory, to get defenses to shut down wide receiver. Flipping that experience to enable receivers to attack the same defenses he's coached for so long is a little unorthodox in the NFL, but if he can give Jones and company a few more advantages, it'll likely be enough to improve the offense in 2016.

Kudos to Morris for tackling his new role with gusto, and let's hope it works out.