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Robert Alford will man the inside in the nickel defense, and he says he's happy with it

Alford will be good there. We promise.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Alford has done everything asked of him as an Atlanta Falcon, and has arguably gotten better every single year in the league. He's the clear #2 cornerback on this roster at the moment, which is why some of you might have found it odd that he'll be asked to man the inside, slot, nickelback, or #3 cornerback guy position, depending on which terminology you prefer.

"I feel like it’s going good," said Alford, who added that he played nickel occasionally at Southeastern Louisiana. "Like I said once before, I’ll do whatever it takes for this team to win. One thing about it, though, is I’m versatile. I can play outside, I can play inside. In this game that we play in the NFL, it’s about, ‘What can you do for your team? How much can you do for your team?’ So the transition for me is good."

The logic behind the move is sound. Alford is inarguably a better athlete than Jalen Collins or Akeem King, and matches up better against the shifty, quick-footed slot receivers many NFL teams will trot out in 2016. Your #2 receiver, by contrast, could be somewhat fairly stereotyped as a taller, slightly slower receiver, which is right up Collins and King's alleys. With King probably playing outside quite a bit for the first four weeks of the season as Collins serves his suspension, it's going to be critical for the Falcons to get the best possible matchups they can for King, and as odd as it sounds, they'll probably get them more often with Alford inside.

This doesn't damage Alford's earning potential, since he'll be on the field regardless, and it should put the talented cornerback in a position to succeed. May he pick off, I dunno, at least six passes while playing inside.