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The dream is dead: Falcons not signing Dwight Freeney

This follows the typical Falcons timeline.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Similar to Atlanta's most recent seasons, the Dwight Freeney news is perfect Falcons. The team plants a small seed of hope in the soil of disappointment and crushed dreams that could never produce life. The seed is nurtured, fed, and beyond all miracles, sprouts! Will this seed produce a strong, supple tree of hope? Or will the team run over it with the lawnmower?

You should know the answer to this one. Per ESPN's Vaughn McClure.

The timing felt right, as Paul Soliai's post-June 1st cut should produce ample cap space for signing Freeney. The team's pass rush options are the oft-injured Adrian Clayborn, the rotational player Derrick Shelby, and hopefully an improved Vic Beasley.


The Falcons just last week passed on signing impressive slot corner Brandon Boykin, who could have provided much needed depth after the suspension of Jalen Collins. Now they pass over Freeney, who produced 8 sacks in 9 games last year as a situational pass rusher.