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Falcons will host Dwight Freeney for a visit, not a workout

The veteran pass rusher

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Freeney is coming to visit the Falcons! That's great. He's not working out for them, though! That seems less stellar.

I"ll be frank, my friends: I don't know what this means! Presumably the Falcons want to figure out if he's a culture fit for the team, given that he won't be a full-time starter for Atlanta, and given that he's put enough on tape over his long career that a workout doesn't do anything but show you whether he's fully healthy. It still seems a little odd that they wouldn't want to determine that, given that they've turned up their noses at the likes of Brandon Boykin potentially because of his health, but I'll roll with it. I'm still hopeful Freeney winds up here.

Now we'll wait and see if the Falcons surprise us and wind up with Freeney.