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It's Facebook Live time!

Tune in now on our Facebook page as I answer your questions on Facebook Live.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned yesterday, we're trying something new with the mailbag this week, and instead of putting together an article with answers to your Falcons questions, I'm going to try answering them on Facebook Live.

I'll be answering the questions people submitted on yesterday's post, and after I get through those, time permitting, I'll get into questions that are submitted in the comments on the actual Facebook Live video. Feel free to ask any Falcons questions you may have. There's certainly plenty to discuss with a new group of rookies joining the team and offseason activities in full swing.

This is our first time trying this approach, so please be patient with us if there are any technical difficulties or if my dog starts barking or anything like that.

The video will be streaming on The Falcoholic's Facebook page here in just a few minutes. Go ahead and like us while you're waiting for this to get started!