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Does Brooks Reed really "have pass rush to him," as Dan Quinn suggests?

A longer look at one of the most divisive players on the Falcons.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brooks Reed had a disappointing 2015 season. Injured, slow to recover, and just plain slow, Reed didn't exactly justify his contract in its first year, and Falcons fans were kind of hoping he'd be gone before the 2016 season. Brutal, but true.

That doesn't mean that Reed is a lost cause. He was a solid player in Houston at worst, someone who was good for a handful of sacks per year and solid run defense and coverage. If he's that player again with his return to health, the Falcons will find plenty of us for him. The question is, will the pass rush skills actually lead to any pressures and sacks?

I don't have a clear-cut answer to that question, but Quinn and company believe so:

"We’re hoping Reed comes alive," said Quinn. "He was big time injured last year. We know he’s got pass rush to him."

Really, Reed's track record doesn't suggest he's got much more than middling pass rushing ability, but that would be a big improvement over last year, even so. I think expecting him to pull down 3-4 sacks and a handful more pressures is entirely reasonable. Thankfully, his track record also suggests that he's not nearly as he was last year, and that the injury was probably a major factor, even though he obviously doesn't have the Houston defensive front in front of him here. Reed will probably settle in as a part-time starter in 2016, and if he's at least solid, he should help a defense that couldn't do a lot right down the stretch.

What are your expectations for Reed?