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Get to know Falcons draft pick De'Vondre Campbell through a Minnesota lens

Gopher Nation, SB Nation's excellent Minnesota blog, breaks down Campbell.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcoholic's expert film analyst Charles McDonald is planning to break down De'Vondre Campbell soon, so you should definitely stay tuned for that, but in the meantime we can get to know Campbell better by talking to the folks who know him best.

That's why we turned to The Daily Gopher, SB Nation's Minnesota site, for their impressions of the team's new fourth round pick. Here's Gopher Nation at the site giving us his thoughts:

He came to Minnesota as a JUCO with 3 years to play. From day 1 he had the size and athletic ability to be looked as a future NFL player. Big, fast, long arms, good tackler and looked like Predator on the field. His first year though he struggled. Too often being out of position and giving up plays. Often just one step in the wrong directly before having to cut back and missing someone in the backfield or not quite being where he needed to be in underneath coverage. A few missed plays because he didn't recognize things quickly enough or wasn't trusting his reads. Finished the year with just 1 start and 41 tackles. But his junior year things started to come together, he started all 13 games, finished with 75 tackles, 6.5 TFLs, a pick and 3 fumble recoveries. Senior year was much of the same with 92 tackles to his credit.

Athletically he has the tools to play at this level as on OLB. The question is, in a game that is faster and more complex, will he figure it out quick enough to secure a roster spot and contribute quickly? More likely, he'll be a special teams player who will buy himself some time to learn the position at this level. Recognition time, strength and probably footwork is what he'll need to work on the most. Speed and athleticism should be adequate. I doubt you have a future starter here, but certainly a reliable depth guy who can come in on 3rd down and be a valuable special teams player.

You'll read "I doubt you have a future starter here" and cringe, but I don't think anything he's saying here is unfair. The coaching staff is counting on being able to coax something more out of Campbell, but if he tops out as a very useful reserve, that's not a terrible use of a fourth round pick, just disappointing given the upside he appears to be possess. We'll have to see, but it's great to have the perspective of someone who saw a lot of Campbell.

For a longer look at Campbell, visit The Daily Gopher.