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Devin Hester injury: Unless he's healthy, the Falcons may part ways with the returner

The legendary Hester's status could very well depend on his toe.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Devin Hester has been trying to get healthy for a very long time, and he lost most of his 2015 season to ongoing issues with his toe, which he had surgery on in January. Still rehabbing from that surgery, Hester watched the Falcons draft Devin Fuller, a speedy UCLA wide receiver who many (myself included) believe may be the team's top option to return kicks and punts for Atlanta this year.

Hester's not ready to concede that, though, and insists if he's healthy the Falcons should and will keep him around.

"To be honest, the only way I feel like I can get beat out in the return game is if I don't come back 100 percent," Hester said. "If he does [beat me out], he's going to be the best returner in this league."

Considering Hester's just really starting to run at this point, there's a legitimate chance there will be no competition. If Fuller impresses early and Hester simply isn't going to be ready until mid-summer, the team may elect to just cut ties with him, save a little money this season, and utilize that roster spot elsewhere. It's fair point that Hester's making that he is a tremendous asset in the return game (still) when he is healthy, but the team showed very little inclination to use him in the offense when he returned (albeit limited) last year, so I'm not sure that's suddenly going to change. Given that Fuller is young, cheap, and legitimately speedy, I don't think it's going to take much more than a little early success and Hester's recovery going slowly to push the latter off the team.

How about you?