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What Falcons memorabilia and other items do you own?

A discussion for a Tuesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While I like to think I'm as true a Falcons fan as you'll find, I'll readily admit that many of you have me beat when it comes to collecting memorabilia and trinkets connected with the team. Today, I'd like to find out how big your collection is after all your years as a Falcons fan.

Chances are you've at least picked up a jersey, hat, or poster somewhere along the way, but I know from past discussions that some of you have a truly impressive array of stuff. I'm the owner of a Matt Ryan jersey (a generous gift from a good friend), several Michael Vick posters, jerseys, figurines, and framed photos, a Michael Turner figurine, a Julio Jones figurine, a few hats, a 1998 Super Bowl program given to me by a longtime site reader (a story for the 10th anniversary of this site), and a Jessie Tuggle poster that has been hanging out in my house since I was about eight years old.

How about you?