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Dwight Freeney visiting Falcons this week, will the team actually sign him?

The potential future Hall of Famer could finish his career in Atlanta.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I tend to think that the way we look at team interest in players is a little flawed. Most NFL teams bring in players, plural, that they wind up working out but not signing, but the common complaint in Falcons fandom is that Atlanta never signs the guys they're bringing in. It has been extra frustrating this year, I feel, because some of us genuinely liked Jerrell Freeman, Brandon Boykin, and others the team has been linked to, and the team has seemingly passed every time.

Then you remember that they were pretty active in the heart of free agency, which means that narrative really only applies to the last several weeks, and you (or at least I) hope that the recent trend reverses itself with Dwight Freeney coming to town this week. We don't yet know exactly when the workout is happening, but it's coming.

Many of you are justifiably wary of aging veterans after Steven Jackson and Osi Umenyiora largely flamed out in Atlanta, but Freeney is still an extremely capable pass rusher at age 36, and the defense around him will be better than poor Osi had to contend with in 2013 and 2014. He put up eight sacks a year ago on the Arizona Caridnals, which led the team, and his instincts and ability are still sharp despite his advancing age. He's a part-time player on this Falcons defense, which has much better options against the run on early downs, but he's at least the second best pure pass rusher on the roster behind Vic Beasley if he signs, and we've been complaining about the pass rush forever.

Couple that with Atlanta's incoming cap windfall--expected to be $5 million plus--and the fact that they have two open roster spots, and you've got a logical signing.

That's why I keep harping on this workout, and I hope we'll soon know whether the Falcons are bringing him home. What are your thoughts?