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Falcons 2016 draft class have their jersey numbers

Make sure you rush out to buy your Wes Schweitzer jersey before they sell out!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans rejoice! Your 2016 rookie class finally has their numbers, which will make keeping up with them in training camp a tad bit easier. Here are the numbers that the 2016 class will be wearing during camp.

SS Keanu Neal: 22

Formerly worn by the likes of Dezmen Southward and Asante Samuel. Hope he lives up to that enduring legacy.

LB Deion Jones: 45

Formerly worn by TJ Duckett and Tom Moriarty. I really want to make a Sherlock Holmes joke right here.

TE Austin Hooper: 81

Once worn by Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Terrance Mathis, Michael Haynes and Peerless Price. It's also the dyslexic version of his number at Stanford, so there's that.

LB De'Vondre Campbell: 59

This number was formerly donned by the likes of John Rade and Michael Boley. Here's to hoping that Campbell makes this a memorable number in Falcons history.

OG Wes Schweitzer: 71

Previously worn by John Zook and Kroy Biermann. And yes, this does mean that Kroy is no longer on the team.

WR Devin Fuller: 87

Players Claude Humphrey and Bert Emanuel previously donned 87 for the Falcons.

Your thoughts on the rookies and their camp jersey numbers?