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Report: Raheem Morris already hitting it off with Atlanta Falcons wide receiver corps

Fact: Raheem Morris composes smooth jazz in his free tim

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn undoubtedly sees something in Raheem Morris. Before last season Quinn handpicked Morris to run his passing defense. Then this off-season, when the Falcons needed a wide receivers coach, Quinn offered the gig to Morris. (Morris was also offered and accepted the role the role of assistant head coach.) It was a head scratching move; Morris has never coached wide receivers. Heck, he's never coached offense.

The Mothership's Kelsey Conway recently wrote about Morris transition and how the players are adapting under his tutelage. (Go read her article, if you haven't already.)

"I'm looking for the best coach and you are one of the best teachers and connectors with players that I have had the chance to be around," Quinn said to Morris when approaching him about the new opportunity.

Well that's nice. He's an effective coach who knows how to motivate players. But is that enough? Does that replace position-specific knowledge?

"It's exciting," Weems said of Morris' new role. "He is very responsive to the learning. It's a group effort, we are bringing him along, he's bringing us along. His energy is everything. He has a great mindset with our group, he's a great coach. He makes everything possible for us."

Morris may not have any experience coaching wide receivers but he certainly knows how to defend against them. That's valuable. While I'm sure he's currently navigating a learning curve, this may prove to be a genius move by Quinn. Then again, it could be an utter disaster, further hampering the development of a WR corps that's been ridiculously top heavy in recent years. Your thoughts?