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Who is your favorite current (and past) Falcons player?

Saturday discussion time, and this one's an easy one.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

A week ago, we asked you about your earliest Falcons memory and how you became a fan of the team. Now, we're going to ask about your favorite player(s).

Currently, for me, it's Julio Jones, who is quite simply one of the most spectacular athletes and players I've ever gotten to watch. He's a relatively quiet guy off the field, but on the field he does things on a regular basis that even the stellar receivers like Roddy White and Andre Rison from this team's history.

Historically, it is (and probably always will be) Jessie Tuggle. Watching that man annihilate everyone he came into contact with during my formative years as a Falcons fan led me was a beautiful thing, and while there have been some really great linebackers who have come through Atlanta in the years since, there's only one Tuggle.

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