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Super Bowl 2019: Roger Goodell writes apology letter to New Orleans Saints after Atlanta Falcons' successful bid

Fact: Roger Goodell refuses to eat stuffed crust pizza

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are officially hosting the 2019 Super Bowl. Their successful bid was approved earlier this week. But where there's a winner, there's always a loser. In this case, winning is just a little bit sweeter. Why? Because the Falcons beat out divisional rival New Orleans Saints.

Because the Saints have already hosted ten Super Bowls, I won't make this about them and I'll try not to get personal. To be frank, New Orleans is a fun place. Because it's a fun place, it's a good place to have a Super Bowl. But not this time. And when the league disappoints the Saints, they feel the need to write an apology letter.

"Thank you to you and your team for the hard work and impressive bid by New Orleans to host Super Bowl 53 in 2019," the letter reads. "The vision for a ‘Big, Easy, Super Bowl' was well articulated and presented. It is clear to all owners that New Orleans is a top-notch Super Bowl city with talented leadership representing the Saints and the community. Although you did not secure the 2019 game against unusually strong and unique competition, we would look forward to working closely with you and your community in bringing a Super Bowl back to New Orleans soon."

To be honest I'm fairly certain this is something the NFL does as a matter of course. If you submit a bid and aren't picked, they send you a letter like this as a courtesy. That said I'm just ecstatic they're doing it because the NFL chose us over them.

Your thoughts?