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Atlanta Falcons special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong: don't be surprised if the NFL ends kickoffs as we know them

Fact: Keith Armstrong invented the "Running Man"

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong is a well-respected, smart guy with two decades on NFL coaching experience. When he talks, people listen. (Must be nice, eh?) There's one thing he knows exceptionally well: special teams. And that's why he makes the big bucks.

As you know, the NFL is determined to make football no fun whatsoever a safer game. With that comes rule changes. As to special teams specifically, the league already altered kickoffs such that returns became far less numerous. According to Armstrong, they aren't done.

"It could be [eliminated]," Armstrong said of kickoffs. "I think they'll find an alternative. There have been some suggestions, obviously, passed around. So the face of it could change. I think there will still be a kickoff down. It may not be the kickoff that you know today, but they'll still be a kickoff down."

I like that Armstrong doesn't particularly care if they change the rules. He knows there will always be room for him in the NFL. Meanwhile players like Devin Hester are seeing their value affected in dramatic fashion.

Your thoughts?