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Dwight Freeney "probably" visiting Atlanta Falcons next week

The prolific pass rusher is making the rounds in free agency.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons failed to improve on their poor pass rush this offseason, spending heavily on offense during free agency and selecting other defensive players during the draft. Free agency does not have a lot of options, but the clearly best pass rusher is "probably" heading to Atlanta next week.

I will assume Freeney is scheduled to visit next week, and will "probably" make that visit if he does not sign with the Cincinnati Bengals before then.

Now 36 (!), Freeney still produced eight sacks and three forced fumbles in only 11 games as a situational pass rusher for the Arizona Cardinals. Even if he can produce a fraction of those sacks, he should be a major improvement to the team as a third down rusher. Freeney should be cheap, and a nice veteran player for the locker room. This could be a great addition.