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Guard Ronald Leary available, Falcons extremely unlikely to trade for him

Let's toss some cold water around.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past 24 hours or so, I've fielded several enthusiastic questions about Ronald Leary, the disgruntled Cowboys guard who will only be gruntled again if he's traded. Would the Falcons be interested, you starry-eyed men and women asked?

Nope. Let's talk about why this trade would make sense, and then promptly dismiss it forever.

Why it makes sense

The Falcons need a guard. They've assembled a collection of bodies impressive in number and questionable in terms of skill, true, but a truly effective option would be welcome here. Leary lost his starting job to rookie La'El Collins in 2015, but was an effective starter in 2013 and 2014 and isn't so old that you'd assume he's losing his touch. If the Falcons did make a trade, he'd be the early favorite to start at right guard, at least.

Why it won't happen

The Falcons aren't really looking to move assets to upgrade guard, not with effective tackles and the huge deal they just handed Alex Mack at center. They've got Andy Levitre penciled in as a starter at left guard, where he's penalty-prone but not horrific, and they've signed Chris Chester, Tom Compton, and Laurence Gibson to a mix that includes rookie Wes Schweitzer, Mike Person, and James Stone both because they figure they can get by with something less than an elite option at right guard and there's enough options here to give the Falcons confidence that someone will emerge and take the job. Chester is, at the very least, a perfectly unobjectionable starter who could be better with Mack next to him.

Given that it could be pricey to pry Leary away from the Cowboys, the Falcons will stay away. Sorry, hopefuls.