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Talking about making history: No NFL team has ever made the Super Bowl in its home stadium

In other words, we can hope the Falcons will be the first. But.

We want these helmets back.
We want these helmets back.
Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The city of Atlanta will host the Super Bowl in 2019, which is cool for the city, Arthur Blank, and of course the new stadium. What does it mean for the Falcons, though? Nothing outside of a remote shot at history.

Since 1966, no team has played the Super Bowl in their home stadium. The San Francisco 49ers played one in Stanford Stadium (not Candlestick Park), which sort of counts, and the Rams, who played in the Rose Bowl instead of the L.A. Coliseum. That's the entire list, which is pretty incredible when you consider that A) you're talking about more than 100 teams passing through 50 years and B) some of the teams had literally been in the Super Bowl the year prior, including the 1998 Atlanta Falcons. The NFL is weird, random, and cruel.

I guess the cheerful note here is that the Falcons will have a genuine opportunity to make history if they can land in the championship, but the odds certainly don't favor them doing so. We'll find out in a few years.