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Rotoworld ranks every team's quarterback situation, and the Falcons make the top ten

Just barely, but it counts.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After Matt Ryan's lackluster 2015, it was fair to wonder where he'd end up on various outlets' quarterback rankings for the year ahead. We've now seen what Rotoworld has to offer, and the good news is that Matt Ryan and the team's quarterback situation rank inside the top ten. The bad news is that that ranking is #10, and in the writeup, Rotoworld's Patrick Daugherty could sound a little more impressed with the QB.

10. Falcons, Matt Ryan

Last Year’s Ranking: 4

When does stability become stasis? When your eighth-year starter turns it over as many times as he scores (21). Matt Ryan’s plateau located a valley in 2015, throwing for 4,591 of the emptiest yards in history. Ryan’s squad has now failed to make the playoffs in three straight seasons, and he’s produced just 75 touchdowns in the process. Ryan hasn’t missed a game since 2009, but his management of them has not improved. None of that is to say Ryan is bad. There are teams that would kill for an annual 16-game starter who completes 65 percent of his passes and throws for 4,000 yards in his sleep. It’s just that the next step isn’t coming. Ryan needs an elite supporting case to elevate his averageness, and an elite supporting cast is not walking through that door for 2016.

Obviously, as many of you will note, this is just one man's opinion. I do think it's a fair one, given Ryan's production, his stature in a league starved for quality quarterbacks, and the last three years, though two of those definitely had more to do with the team's situation than particularly poor play from #2. Ryan is durable, I expect him to rebound, and the team has given him a couple of new weapons and a massive upgrade at center, but I don't necessarily think he's going to enjoy a career best season, either.

Where would you rank Ryan?