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Film study with Falcons coaches

Hold on to your seats, Falcons fans, because there's something exciting and different coming your way.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow the Atlanta media will get to experience something very different at Flowery Branch. The Falcons have decided to do film study sessions once per week during OTAs, and the first one is tomorrow with head coach Dan Quinn and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong.

We don't yet know exactly what this will entail, but our hope is that it will help us to understand, and communicate to fans, the scheme and what the coaches are looking for, as well as what they're hoping to correct, from the players. We will, of course, have a full report on the site after each session.

This is extremely unusual and it's a great opportunity to get a better feel for this scheme and the team's expectations. It should help illuminate exactly how players fit and what Quinn and the rest of the coaching staff believe they're capable of doing.

Next week the media will get to review film with Richard Smith and Jerome Henderson, and the following week will feature insight from Kyle Shanahan.

We obviously welcome any kind of transparency and unique insight into the team, and one of the hallmarks of Dan Quinn's tenure has been a certain level of media-friendliness. It makes our jobs easier when we have actual information to work with, and this is pretty exciting.

Your thoughts on this new development?