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Everybody hates Falcons TE Jacob Tamme

Can you believe that guy? What a jerk.

That Jacob Tamme, always showboating.
That Jacob Tamme, always showboating.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons tight end Jacob Tamme may be the least objectionable player in the NFL. He's friendly and personable, and since the moment he set foot in Atlanta, has been enthusiastic about being a Falcon. He's a good teammate, and he's pleasant and courteous with the media at all times. Still, Tamme now holds the honor of being the NFL player fans love to hate.

Yes, I'm being totally serious. Everybody hates Jacob Tamme.

On Friday night, a Sirius XM NFL Twitter poll to determine the NFL player fans love to hate was posted, and the choices were Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Richard Sherman and ... Jacob Tamme. When Tamme decided he wanted to hold this dubious honor, Falcons fans rallied for the cause, and the results were tremendously entertaining. Falcons fans, and even fans of other teams, got involved and everybody had a lot of fun coming up with reasons to hate Jacob Tamme.