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Report: It took some convincing to sell Atlanta Falcons DE/LB Vic Beasley on his position change

Fact: Vic Beasley has a pet iguana named Francois

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons did not make a mistake when they drafted Vic Beasley in the first round of last year's draft. In fact, given another year or two, Beasley's value will become readily apparent to anyone paying attention. That said, the cards were stacked against him last season. He was arguably playing out of position and we know he fought through a torn labrum. That's not exactly a recipe for success in your rookie year.

The Falcons know what Beasley does well, and that's why they approached him about changing his position this off-season. Given that there are three years remaining on his rookie contract, it's not like Beasley has a choice. (Put differently, he will play where they tell him to play.) But they put together a presentation and made a deliberate effort to sell him on the idea. At first, he apparently wasn't receptive. (Credit to the AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter for the quote.)

They showed Beasley film cut-ups of other strongside linebackers and told him how the change would fit his skill-set. "I kind of gave my word that I would do it," Beasley said, but he was not totally sold.

I can't really blame Beasley for his hesitance but I do respect his maturity. I also respect the coaching staff for taking the time to explain the change to him and making sure he knew that it has an intended purpose.

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