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What is your earliest memory of the Falcons?

We've all got that one moment that sticks out.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We got such a tremendous response to yesterday's article about how you became a Falcons fan (and I may share some of those responses this week, in fact) that I decided to go back to the well. Call me lazy, call me a hero, but here we are.

What I'd like to hear today is your earliest memory of the Atlanta Falcons, good or bad. For me, as I said yesterday, the earliest clear one is that '91 playoff win against the Saints, a joyous occasion for a young fan that I would not get to experience nearly enough over the next two-plus decades. Surely you have one that either drew you in to this team because it was amazing or welded your eternal soul to them because it was so awful you couldn't look away and oh no what have you done with your life you were supposed to be happy.

What's yours?