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Falcons 2016 roster review: the OGs

You know the drill.

Andy Levitre, you are a bit close to the QB.
Andy Levitre, you are a bit close to the QB.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We are breaking down the roster by position, and we are finally at the original gangsters offensive guards. Ice-T's potentially best album was titled O.G. Original Gangster, so it feels only right that I use photos of Ice-T to react to each guard on the roster.

And Ice-T rarely looks happy.

Andy Levitre

Ice-T somewhat angry

I'm only somewhat mad Levitre is the starter. He was a competent blocker, but had the worst timing on his consistent penalties. The talent is there, but Levitre has never played a third-and-long where he did not feel like strangling a defensive tackle or daring a referee to penalize the offense.

Chris Chester

Ice-T still not happy

Ice-T is unimpressed. Chester was an important part to Atlanta's early season dominance, but was also a big problem with the later struggles. His age caught up to him, and the 33 year-old guard looked very bad by the end of the season. He would preferably be a backup, but Atlanta did not really address the position.

Mike Person

Oh hell nah


Person is listed correctly at guard. I thought he did a solid job at blocking last year, and has a better shot at finishing out the season than Chester. But I still can't separate my disappointment from the multiple games he lost the team through bad snaps. That blame should not fall on him, but the coaching staff that late in preseason decided he was the starting center.

Ben Garland

Oh fuck


Collin Rahrig

Oh shit

I have a soft spot for all the guys who played for Indiana University, but as is the problem with most other Hoosiers, Rahrig does not appear to be an NFL talent. He's listed as the team's lightest guard by 15 pounds. He's not a realistic option here.

Wes Schweitzer

Sure, why not

I don't know much about Schweitzer. The top things I know: he has previous experience with the offensive line coaching staff, and he is the team's biggest guard. It might not be this year, but he has great size for the right guard spot and could grab a hold of the spot sooner rather than later. He was considered an undrafted free agent prospect by some, but for the cheap investment and the staff's belief in him, he has the best upside of anyone here.

Shahbaz Ahmed


Ahmed is listed simply as an offensive lineman, which is historically a terrible start. He played guard at Temple, but is undersized, and looks like a roster long shot.


Unhappy Ice-T

The O.G. is not angry at Atlanta's OG situation, but he is far from happy. The team's only locked-in starter is a decent blocker with penalty problems. After that, there are a lot of question marks.