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How did you become an Atlanta Falcons fan?

We like to ask every year and capture the newest Falcoholic readers.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

From the lifers to the newly minted Falcons fans, there's always an origin story. You didn't become a fan of this team entirely by accident, I'm guessing, even if it sometimes seems that way.

You've heard mine a million times if you've been on the site for a while, but it's not an overly exciting one even if you've missed it. As a kid in New England, I thought there was something cool about the Falcons and their uniforms (I guess? I was like six years old) and took to them, with the 1991 playoff win over the Saints serving as my earliest fond memory of the team. Years spent playing as Chris Miller, Deion Sanders and company on Tecmo Super Bowl cemented that love, and if you fast forward about 25 years, I'm the surly bald blogger you see before you today.

What's your story?