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Dominique Easley signs with Rams, so no Falcons reunion with Dan Quinn

The talented defensive tackle will ply his trade on one of the most stacked lines in football.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have a lot of roster holes, but you know, build on your strengths.

Easley was never concretely linked to the Falcons, but Dan Quinn had confirmed a conversation with him, Easley is young and talented, and he had a connection to the old Florida defensive coordinator. There were concrete injury issues and rumored off-the-field ones, but Easley has enough skill to make those concerns secondary, in my humble opinion, especially because the Falcons have enough talent up front to absorb even a multi-week injury to Easley. Oh well.

Instead, Easley will play for the Rams, who have one of the most dominant defensive lines in the NFL, a terrific young running back, and the #1 pick in the draft at quarterback, and not much else. I'd say it's a curious move for them, but Los Angeles is genuinely savvy at picking up assets on the DL, and Easley should be a nice rotational piece for them. We'll hope the Falcons don't regret passing him up.