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Report: Atlanta Falcons to offer cheapest concessions in the world next season

Fact: Julio Jones puts ranch on his tootsie pops

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons' new stadium isn't cheap and if you want to purchase season tickets, it's going to cost you. (First they're going to charge you for a personal seat license and then they're going to charge you for the seats themselves.) It's a sore subject for the fanbase. But the perks of a new stadium are numerous. And to be frank, their approach isn't unprecedented.

So what will all that money get you? Well, if the hype is real, we should expect a truly amazing fan experience. Technology, accessibility, good family fun - the new stadium will have it all. In addition, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, the new stadium will feature ridiculously cheap concessions.

"We'll be able to feed a family of four at our games for $27," said Steve Cannon, CEO of the AMB Group, the family of businesses owned by Arthur Blank that includes the Falcons, Atlanta United and the new stadium that will open in 2017. "That's 60 to 70 percent cheaper than our competitors." Cannon said the team had a discussion as to how low it could go on the beer, so as not to hurt the fan experience, and arrived at $5 for a 12 ounce cup of a product such as Bud Light.

The Falcons will have the cheapest concessions in the professional sports world next season. Should you choose to attend a game in person, a delicious chicken tender basket and a frosty Bud Light will run you just $11. You can't even buy that same combo for less at your local watering hole.

I particularly like that they struggled to find the perfect beer price. Can you imagine? A room full of executives, a rudimentary x and y axis on a white board, trying to find the perfect price that will encourage sales but not result in a stadium full of inebriated tomfoolery. What a wonderful time to be alive, Falcons fans.

Your thoughts?