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Panthers cut CB Brandon Boykin, who could fit with the Falcons

Did the Falcons get a bit of luck?

Brandon Boykin, so alone.
Brandon Boykin, so alone.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Much to the annoyance of Falcons fans everywhere, the Carolina Panthers signed impressive slot corner for almost nothing late into free agency. Then about a week later, expected nickel corner Jalen Collins was suspended four games.

Well, the Falcons have another shot at Boykin.

While Collins was expected to push Alford to the slot in nickel formation, Boykin would probably best fit in strictly working the slot. And he would clearly be cheap.

Of course, getting cut in May is a huge red flag. Instead of paying Boykin very little money, the Panthers decided to roll with a number of rookies. At the very least, I think Boykin would be good for insurance. Boykin, of course, was unceremoniously traded from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who let him walk in free agency. Now the Panthers have seen enough.

Even if he just fills in for the first four games of the year, Boykin would provide insurance if the team can't find another nickel back on the roster. It could be one of the few solid moves a team can make in May.