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Devin Hester recently received strongest vote of confidence yet from Falcons staff

Maybe he'll stick around, after all.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

For many reasons, Devin Hester has been one of the easier cuts to predict over the last few months. The theory was that when he was healthy, the legendary returner would find himself seeking a gig elsewhere due to his lack of involvement in Kyle Shanahan's offense, the diminishing importance of returners, and finally, the Falcons drafting UCLA receiver/returner Devin Fuller in the seventh round.

D.Orlando Ledbetter at the AJC recently had a new story recently about Hester that covers some of the same ground as this May 2 Vaughn McClure story, which is logical given that there's been very little in the way of new developments for Hester. He still doesn't figure to be systems go until training camp, and so we're going to have to wait a while to figure out whether he'll be with the team or not.

There is one new, interesting quote, though.

"There are special players like Dev and other returners around the league, they’ll still get green-lighted," Quinn said. "Here’s a guy who is on the club for this unique reason."

I remain skeptical, but this is a pretty strong endorsement of the skill set Hester brings to the table, and it tells you the Falcons still value their returners. If Hester is healthy and the team still believes he can play at a high level, he's got a real shot to remain on this roster. It's just that he's got a lot working against him, still.

If Hester sticks on the roster, one of Eric Weems and Devin Fuller probably will not, given that both are quality special teams types and returners (Weems is better at the former, Fuller probably is at the latter) who probably will not offer much at wide receiver in 2016.