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Report: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is confident Super Bowl bid will be successful

Fact: Arthur Blank is an amateur peacock breeder

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons' new stadium is equal parts expensive and impressive. If you live in Atlanta, you've personally witnessed its construction. (It looks like a spaceship ate a robotic spider from the future.) And if you don't live in Atlanta, then you've at least heard (or read) about it. Simply stated, it's going to knock your socks off.

Given the hype, it's no wonder Arthur Blank is making such a hard push for a Super Bowl. He wants Atlanta to play host in the near future and he's using every opportunity to hype Atlanta and its new fancy stadium. Given his recent comments, it appears he's extremely confident in their bid. Credit to the AJC's D. Orlando Ledbetter for the quote.

"I think favorably for us, not just our stadium, but the uniqueness of everything that has happened downtown over the past 16 years since we hosted it, the largest aquarium in the country, the Civil Rights museum, Centennial Olympic park and the World of Coca-Cola," Blank said. "The list goes on and on and it's walk-able. Which some of the Super Bowls are not. To a lot of the owners, to their fans and fans of the NFL being walk-able (is important.) Having 10,000 (hotel) rooms within a half mile of our stadium is a major plus. I feel good about this."

Blank is a smart guy and he's being very strategic about this. Keep in mind, he's trying to persuade a bunch of NFL owners as well as the NFL events staff. On top of that, the NFL also has a laundry list of requirements for hosting a Super Bowl, ranging from proficient wi-fi to versatile ATMs. This is a process, and Blank's confidence is part of the process. Go get 'em, Arthur.

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