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Leon Hall won't sign with the Falcons, per ESPN

It may be related to his health.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

You'll forgive me for getting excited at the prospect of the Falcons signing Leon Hall, a quality cornerback with a history of production in the NFL. You'll also forgive me, I hope, but for being a little bummed out that he's not going to wind up in Atlanta.

The Falcons may have felt Hall's injury history made him risky, but it's still odd to see the team pass on a talented cornerback when they'll be without Jalen Collins for a while. It's possible they feel Akeem King will be ready to contribute more in 2016, but I have to think the Achilles tears were the ultimate reason they didn't go with him. Bummer.

The other interesting note from McClure's piece is that Phillip Adams might want to return to Atlanta. He remains a free agent, and can probably be had for the veteran minimum sometime between now and the start of training camp. Stay tuned.