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Falcons free agency: There's still a handful of good players out there

If the Falcons find themselves in need of an upgrade or an injury replacement, here's who they might add.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons aren't necessarily going to be in the market for free agents after the draft, since they've got a promising rookie class they like an a bunch of UDFAs to sift through. If they do decide to dive back into free agency, though, here's the best players still left, per

S/CB Walter Thurmond

Tall, rangy, and versatile, Thurmond knows Dan Quinn, played well for the Eagles last year, and is just 28 years old. No one's sure if he's going to retire or not, though, and that seems to have cooled down his market considerably.

OLB/DE/DT Mike Neal

Not a great player, but an extremely versatile and solid one with a good locker room reputation. If the Falcons suffered any injuries in the front seven, he'd be a logical enough choice.

LB/DE Dwight Freeney

The Falcons still lack a potent pass rush, potentially, and Freeney still does that extremely well, even though he's sort of a one-note player at this stage of his career. He'd be a huge upgrade for the team on third downs, so I hope they'll at least consider him.

CB Leon Hall

If he's healthy, he's probably the likeliest signing on this list, given that he's visited with Atlanta, is a legitimately skilled player, and happens to play cornerback, where the Falcons will be down Jalen Collins for four weeks of the season.

There's not much else on the list that's all that inspiring, to be honest with you. Hopefully Atlanta's healthy and doesn't have to dip in too frequently, but I wouldn't mind Hall and Freeney one bit. How about you?