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Mohamed Sanu trying to win over Falcons fans over with sheer charisma and hard work

Or Tweet trying.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

Mohamed Sanu is very active on Twitter, so chances are he's very aware of what many Falcons fans have been saying about him. In no particular order, the naysayers (yours truly included) have pointed out that his production wasn't all that impressive in Cincinnati,

All Sanu has done this offseason is non-confrontationally attempt to convince us that we're all wrong. He's posted videos of him making spectacular catches, routine catches, working out, and studying film. Despite having every reason to do so, he's refrained from bashing those who have questioned him, and he said things like this in his press conference Wednesday:

All of this is to Sanu's credit. We always talk about how we want to see athletes who earn big contracts not subsequently resting on their laurels (whatever those are), and Sanu seems determined to put in the effort necessary to earn every penny. Only Julio Jones and perhaps Devonta Freeman figure to earn more targets than he will, so he'll have his opportunity to do so.

Of course, Sanu won't be able to win everyone over unless he's legitimately productive on the field in 2016, which is far from a given. There's that old saw about nobody outworking the man, though, and that at least appears to be true.