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Bears release guard Matt Slauson, should the Falcons be interested?

He was good and very durable in 2015, and the Falcons haven't quite settled the position.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta's got a lot of guards under contract right now, but I wouldn't say they have a lot of great guards. That's why I'm looking at Chicago's release of Matt Slauson with no small amount of interest.

Slauson is a good guard, and a very durable one, as well. He played every single offensive snaps for the Bears a year ago and graded out well in pass protection, though he was less effective when trying to spring running backs. He'd be an obvious upgrade at either guard spot for the Falcons, assuming they think he can move well enough, and the Falcons could utilize Chris Chester as a top backup and give new pick Wes Schweitzer plenty of time to marinate, with Mike Person potentially going to clear the logjam.

Because the team has shown they would prefer budget options at guard (besides Levitre), I don't expect Atlanta to land him, but I certainly wouldn't mind if they did. How about you?