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Falcons undrafted free agent signings: Here's everyone we've seen thus far

There's some intriguing names on here, though.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The undrafted free agent names keep rolling in, as do the camp invites. It's time to update the list.

Again, until the team confirms, the best list we have is being diligently maintained by robinhss at Falcons Reddit. Appreciative tip o' the cap his way.

  • Will Ratelle - ILB/FB/SPARQ freak - North Dakota

  • Josh Dawson - DL - Georgia

  • Ivan McLennan - LB - Washington State

  • Brandon Wilds - RB - South Carolina

  • Tarris Batiste - S - Georgia State (Rookie Camp)

  • Jake Reed - C - Indiana

  • Matt Snebold - T - Wheaton (D3!)

  • Alex Ross - QB - Coastal Carolina (Rookie Camp)

  • Nick Rose - K - Texas

  • De'Andre Mann - RB - Kansas

  • Daje Johnson - WR - Texas

  • Josh Perkins - TE - Washington

  • Torrey Green - LB - Utah State

  • Brian Poole - DB - Florida

  • Chris Mayes - DT - Georgia

  • David Richards - WR - Arizona

  • CJ Johnson - DT - Kentucky (Rookie Camp)

  • Gerald Dixon Jr. - DT - South Carolina

  • Jordan Walsh - OG - Iowa

  • Sharrod Neasman - DB - Florida Atlantic

  • Malachi Jones - WR - Appalachian State

  • J.D McKissic - WR - Arkansas State

  • Adam Cox - FB - Iowa

  • Cody Elenz - OL - Idaho

  • Jordan Sefon - DB - St. Cloud State

  • Jordan Parker - RB - Middle Tennessee (Rookie Camp)

  • Brett McMakin - LB - Northern Iowa

  • Jeremy Kelly - RG - North Dakota State (Rookie Camp)

  • William McGehee - T - Arizona State

  • David Glidden - WR - Oklahoma State (Rookie Camp)

  • Owen Williams - DT - Tennessee (Rookie Camp)

  • David Mims II - CB - Texas State (Rookie Camp)

  • Reggie Begelton - WR - Lamar University (Rookie Camp)

  • Shahbaz Ahmed - OG - Temple (Rookie Camp)

  • Jamal Golden- DB - Georgia Tech (Rookie Camp)

  • Ryan Flannigan - LB - Kenucky (Rookie Camp)

  • Jasen Oden - RB/CB - Colorado State (Rookie Camp, Pending Physical)

  • Brandon Williams - LB - Southern Illinois University (Rookie Camp)

Here's a few names we think bear watching, though this is by no means an exhaustive list:

Will Ratelle: He's just a tough dude and a good athlete. He's obviously blocked if he's transitioning to fullback, but keep an eye on him as a practice squad stash if the Falcons elect to let Patrick DiMarco walk after 2016.

Sharrod Neasman: Fairly productive, quality athlete who could get some run at cornerback and safety. He's got an outside shot to stick as the last defensive back on teh team this year.

David Richards: A 6'4", 213 pound wide receiver who was productive and effective in the red zone in college. The Falcons are loading up at wide receiver, but guys with that size usually bear watching.

J.D. McKissic: Extremely sure-handed in college, which makes him intriguing.

Josh Dawson: Not just a local product, Dawson is a good athlete with some burst off the edge, and I think he's got an outside chance to sneak onto the roster as the team's last defensive end.

Nick Rose: Primarily because he's the only kicker here. Rose didn't have a great college career, but he has a good leg and bears watching over the summer.

Who has caught your eye?