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Falcons worked out Indiana lineman Jason Spriggs on Thursday

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The athletic tackle is unlikely to be a Falcon, but hey, you never know.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It's a day for tracking workouts, evidently! We'll point you in the direction of a complete list tomorrow morning, but for now, let's take a look at one of yesterday's reported visits that we didn't cover.

Spriggs seems like an odd fit for the Falcons at first (and perhaps even second) glance, because he's a tackle who is widely projected to go in the first three rounds. The only way I could see Atlanta taking him is if A) they think he can play guard at a high level in the NFL, since the team has a need there or B) they're not counting on having Ryan Schraeder after this season, and want his long-term replacement on the roster. As a plus athlete who moves well, Spriggs would be a nice fit for Kyle Shanahan's offense, either way, but I can't say I see him as a likely selection given the team's other needs.

How about you?