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Falcons worked out German wide receiver Moritz Boehringer Friday

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Cool name, real upside, no clue what he'll turn into.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

How do you feel about German wide receivers? If you haven't got an opinion, perhaps you'd better develop one.

Boehringer is a supremely interesting prospect, albeit one none of us really know much about. His pro day was insanely impressive, his athleticism jumps off the screen at you, and he's got excellent size. Considering he's unlikely to cost a team more than a sixth or seventh round pick, you can see why so many teams are interested in taking him on as a project at wide receiver.

That's the thing, though: He's almost certainly a project. Boehringer simply hasn't played football for all that long, the level of competition in German football is not, shall we say, robust, and there will be a steep learning curve to transfer to the NFL. Even if you're just burning a seventh rounder on him, there's a very good chance that investment won't pay off.

For the Falcons, he'd be a bottom-of-the-roster stash in his first (and perhaps second) year(s), but certainly would be a potential special teams asset with his speed and physicality, and might actually turn into something down the line. As we've seen from previous Falcons drafts, there are worse ways to spend your seventh round picks.