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Atlanta Falcons linebacker Brooks Reed gives number 56 back to Sean Weatherspoon, will wear number 50 this season

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Fact: Brooks Reed is on a first name basis with the Pope

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons took a deliberate, prudent approach in free agency this off-season. Their careful approach doesn't have universal approval among the Falcons fanbase, but on the whole, it was successful. One of my favorite moves was the signing of former first round draft pick Sean Weatherspoon.

Spoon is understandably thrilled to be back in Atlanta. He's even more thrilled to be wearing number 56 again. Thanks to the generosity of fellow linebacker Brooks Reed, we can all dust off our Spoon jerseys and pray he doesn't get hurt cheer our faces off. To be honest, I'm fairly certain Reed must have given him something or paid him something to give up the number. My best guess? A solid gold spoon.

If you recall, Reed's new number has some history in Atlanta. Greg Brezina, Curtis Lofton, and Buddy Curry all wore the number 50. If you're a long-time Falcons fan, those names evoke images of hard hitting, blue collar football. Reed, of course, fits that mold, so it's appropriate that he will fill those shoes.

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