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Matt Ryan is the third-most hit quarterback since 2012

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He's tough. REAL TOUGH.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan didn't have a lot to feel good about last year, in between his mistakes, the offense's consistent sputtering out in the red zone, and the fact that he was getting nailed on a regular basis.

Oddly enough, these are four of the more durable quarterbacks in the NFL. Ryan hasn't missed a game since 2009, Tannehill hasn't missed a game in his career, and Russell Wilson has also played in every game. Luck missed significant time in 2015, but that was because he had a lacerated kidney, which you kind of can't play through.

Durability, as some like to point out, appears to be a skill for NFL quarterbacks, and it's one Ryan possesses. I'm betting that adding Alex Mack to the offensive line is going to do wonders for Ryan's psyche, and a second year in Kyle Shanahan's system should at least allow him to improve. The Falcons' offense is better when #2 takes fewer hits, and as the Tweet above clearly shows us, he's taken enough of them over the last four seasons.