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How creatively is Kyle Shanahan going to use Mohamed Sanu, anyways?

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To live up to his contract, the veteran receiver will either have to reel in a ton of catches or do something spectacular. Well, he probably needs to do the first thing no matter what.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons gave Mohamed Sanu a large contract, we're all waiting for him to live up to it, and he really can't even begin to do that until September. In the meantime, we're left to ask idle questions.

Here's one, for kicks and giggles: Just how is Kyle Shanahan going to utilize Sanu?

There are reasons to believe Sanu isn't just going to take the field as a wide receiver in Atlanta, chief among them that he's been truly effective throwing and running the football, followed by the fact that Kyle Shanahan is an inveterate tinkerer who may be too clever for his own good.The Falcons likely envision rolling out Sanu in some creative ways that go beyond simply sticking him in the slot, and while I doubt we'll see Matt Ryan going out wide all that often, getting the ball in Sanu's hands should be a priority.

Why? Start with Sanu's 5.9 yards per carry as a runner, chiefly on reverses and end-arounds, and his two rushing touchdowns doing so. Or take a look at his five career passes, all of which were completed for 177 yards and two touchdowns. The point isn't that Sanu should take on any kind of full-time role in the backfield, but that given his production when given the opportunity, there's little question Shanny is going to use him there. If you're not sold on him as a wide receiver, that might actually be a silver lining.

Expect 5-10 passes and 10-20 carries from Sanu in 2016. It won't be enough to plan your Sundays around, but with any luck, he'll provide a handful of big plays in there.