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Falcons TE Jacob Tamme tells his story in The Players' Tribune

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Tamme details his high school experiences and his quest to become a Kentucky Wildcat.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After signing with the Atlanta Falcons last offseason, tight end Jacob Tamme quickly became one of my favorite players to interview. He's very nice and very engaging, whether you're asking him about football or talking to him for 20 minutes off the record about the merits of seeing the movie Everest in IMAX versus regular 3D.

Tamme tells the story of his high school football days and his quest to become a Kentucky Wildcat in The Players' Tribune, and it's worth a read.

If you're not familiar with The Players' Tribune, it's a publication that allows athletes to tell their stories. Matt Ryan has been featured as a part of their "What the (Blank)?" series, and that's pretty entertaining. Vic Beasley was featured, discussing how he has wanted the Falcons to win a Super Bowl since he was a little boy. They feature a lot of fascinating stories told by athletes in every sport.

In his feature, Tamme talks about his high school team, which won three consecutive state championships, and his transition from quarterback to wide receiver. A broken femur temporarily derailed his high school career, and he explains how he fought through that adversity. Tamme very nearly missed out on his lifelong dream to become a Kentucky Wildcat, and he tells that story, also.

Most importantly, Tamme says his focus now is helping the Falcons get to, and win, a Super Bowl.

Your thoughts on Tamme's feature in The Players' Tribune?