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Mel Kiper's mock gives the Falcons Reggie Ragland

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There are historic moments in America that will forever remain in the minds of citizens everywhere.

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America's battle for independence. The first man to walk on the moon. Mel Kiper releasing his fourth mock draft of the year.

Take in this moment, so you can best tell your grandchildren when they ask about it in 2040.

The mock drafts have switched between a few core defensive players. Reggie Ragland has fallen out of vogue for the Falcons, who are commonly linked to Darron Lee, Kevin Dodd, or Shaq Lawson. Well, Ragland is back, baby!

You could make a case that Ragland is as ready to contribute on Sundays as any defender in this draft. Yes, he's an instinctive tackling machine at the line of scrimmage, but Ragland can cover ground. Atlanta can put him to work immediately.

Ragland is a very sensical addition. He can make an early impact at one of Atlanta's weakest positions, and has very few question marks. Dodd has only briefly played up to his abilities, Lee is likely a long-term project, and Lawson may not make it to Atlanta at 17.

On the other hand, Ragland might be a little slow in space, and of course had the help of an elite supporting staff. However, he may have the highest floor of any of these prospects, and there is little question that he can be an intimidating tackle machine in his rookie year.

Atlanta is likely to pick someone who can be plugged into the front seven, and Ragland is likely to be both available and provide very little risk to be a bust.